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Energy-Efficient Generators in Southern Alberta

Your generator is the heartbeat of your business.  When your generator does not function properly call DTR Services, which provides sound repairs, upgrades and installation services on generators in Lethbridge.

Sometimes you might not know whether your generator needs repairs or replacements. Our team can perform a series of tests to assess the condition of your generator and provide a diagnosis for the proper repair to bring it back to optimum condition. DTR Services has worked on generators for over 30 years and likely has experience with a problem similar to yours. We will do our best to give you and your business the solutions you deserve.


DTR also provides load bank services for generators including insurance compliance testing.

Brands We Offer

If you need a new generator in Lethbridge, DTR Services sells only the top generator brands available in the marketplace today. We've developed relationships with industry leaders in backup power solutions to ensure that you can find the exact power. You can entrust on us with your requirement of Power generators needed for any use, and we will ensure complete satisfaction when you work with us. We carry or have access to the following brands:


Not sure what brand or type of generator works best in your situation? Our staff will help you make the right choice. We also have a wealth of installation experience to make sure your new generator is set up correctly and works appropriately for your business's needs.

Professional Generator Repairs

For reliable generator parts and services, call DTR Services today at 403-320-9550 or shoot us an email at You can also contact us via our online inquiry form.

Your business is valuable to us. Before you commit to anything, please give us a call to request a estimate. We will also do our best to provide you with an accurate service timetable. We are confident that your business will thrive with the repair and installation options we offer. In addition to generator services, we also offer various products, including electric motors and pumps.

Are you looking for reliable old generator repairs in Southern Alberta? You do not have the time to endure a lengthy repair process. Your generator powers your business and plays a vital role in your success. Luckily, DTR Services emphasizes fast and proficient generator repair. We have many parts on hand, and we will work tirelessly until we get your generator up and running again. Rely on our technicians for hassle-free repair or switch to power generators and get rid of unwanted emergencies.

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Professional Servicing

Get top-notch repairs, servicing and replacement for mechanical equipment including pumps, motors and generators.

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