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Quality Irrigation Systems Services from Brands in Southern Alberta

The quality of yield that your agricultural land produces depends highly on your irrigation systems' efficiency and functionality, for an even coverage required to grow healthy crops. Irrigation also contributes to a very high degree of consumption when it comes to energy expenditure, and you need to ensure that all your systems are in place and perfectly functioning at all times if you're expecting a healthy yield.


As an industry that utilizes about 70% of water resources available to us, it's imperative to attentively maintain the delivery, management, and quality of water on your land. We at DTR Services provide dependable sales, service, and installations for your irrigation systems in Lethbridge to ensure the same.


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Irrigation Solutions Offered by DTR Services

We offer a wide range of high-quality solutions and products to ensure the upkeep of your irrigation systems. These include:

Irrigation & Water Supply

Solutions for your pumps 

Various pump packages, including turbine and end suction pumps from reputable brands

Wastewater Management

State-of-the-art technology, self-cleaning pumps

Grinder pumps that help with narrow-piped wastewater drainages

Vortex and channel pumps

Sewage and grey water lifting

Heating & Cooling

A vast collection of high-efficiency circulators from internationally reputable brands

Benefits of Having a Proper Farm Irrigation System in Place

Increase in high-quality yield
Easily maintained in a cost-effective way
Reduced expenditure on water supply, manpower, and energy
Accurate utilization of water and fertilizer in the right ratio
Efficient syncing between the water supply available and the irrigation system

Choose Our Services

Our 30 years of experience in the industry provide a resounding testimony to the efficacy of our services. DTR Services can give your irrigation systems the professional installation and support it needs, with our experts available to offer you their assistance both on-site and remotely. We always work hard to ensure all your needs are met to your utmost satisfaction.

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Quality Pumps

We sell, service, and install commercial and industrial pumps and pump parts.

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