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High-Quality Motors at DTR Services in Southern Alberta

 At DTR Services, we are committed to providing complete solutions related to electric motors. We sell & service electric motors for clients from all walks of life, including the commercial sector, the residential sector, the agricultural sector & the industrial sector. We have been in the business for over two decades now. Thanks to these years of experience and knowledge, we can not only provide you with the right product as per your unique specifications, but also guide you regarding its maintenance. We are your one-stop-shop in Lethbridge & the surrounding areas for all your electric motor needs.

Common Problems With Electric Generator

The amount of usage of a generator is relatively more compared to other equipment. Regular maintenance and checks can prolong its lifespan. 

When you come across any problems with your generator, consider calling our technicians to get it fixed.

You may encounter the following problems:

Dead batteries
Lack of fuel
Blocked heaters
Damage by pests
Motor overheating
Low coolant levels
Generator leaks
Sludge in the fuel tank
Enunciator problems
Condenser problems

Why Buy Electric Motors from Us?

Apart from having over 30 years of experience, there are many other factors that make us a trustworthy name in the industry. We are reliable sellers of a variety of electric motors and parts. Not only that, but we also follow a transparent work process, which means that you will receive the products at the rates you are promised. Our interactive approach when dealing with customers also helps us understand their needs better and deliver to their satisfaction. As true professionals, we aim to uphold your trust in us, and for that, we make it a point to always test our products before selling them. With us, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Need to buy an electric motor ? Get in touch with us today and we will help you!

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Branded Irrigation Systems

We sell, service, and install irrigation systems from reputed international brands.

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